Monday, April 21, 2014

Performing for the Community: 130-Member Orchestra Strong!

JAMM Students Perform for the Juneau Community (Photographer:  Michael Penn, Juneau Empire)
Over 130 first through third graders at Glacier Valley performed for the Juneau community on April 17th - our biggest orchestra yet!  As part of the program, JAMM students served as ambassadors and greeted guests at the door.  All kindergartner and first graders at Glacier Valley receive JAMM violin and Math in Motion lessons through specialist and classroom teacher teaming.

1st graders demonstrate their math skills using stability balls and drumsticks (Photographer:  Michael Penn)
Math in Motion is part of Academic Beats, a drumming program created to increase heart rate and give children a kinesthetic approach to math.  Susie Denton, Glacier Valley's physical education teacher, has brought this program to Glacier Valley and as you can see by the photos, the kids love it!  JAMM is a school readiness program that uses the experience of playing an instrument to help students learn how to work together as a team, experience success through daily practice, find learning purposeful through community performances, and understand that effort and resiliency helps them overcome life's challenges.  Here is the Juneau Empire article detailing the event:  The Littlest Big Band.  Thank you, Katie Moritz, for covering the event and Michael Penn for taking these beautiful photos. 

Lorrie Heagy asks the cello section to join the JAMM orchestra in a bow (Photographer:  Michael Penn)

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