Thursday, May 26, 2011

Juneau Jazz & Classics and Community Day

Juneau Jazz & Classics brings Awadagin Pratt to JAMM
Juneau Jazz & Classics is celebrating its 25th year of "encouraging the appreciation of jazz, classical and blues music among people of all ages."  Every May for two weeks, this incredible organization under the leadership of Linda Rosenthal, brings jazz and classical musicians from all over the country to perform in Juneau.  Many of these artists visit schools to perform concerts, coach young musicians and share their enthusiasm for music.

This year, Glacier Valley was honored to host two Jazz & Classics artists:  The Jasper Quartet and Awadagin Pratt.  Both were able to work with our kindergarten violinists.  They encouraged musicality, proper technique and performed right alongside them.  What made Awadagin's visit so special was that he specifically asked to work with the "music teacher in Juneau with the El Sistema nucleo." For the Juneau community, his request confirmed that JAMM is part of a recognized national network and that the work its doing is supported by others thousands of miles away.  Thank you, Awadagin.  Your gentle spirit and ability to connect with our kids made your visit a memorable one!

JAMM performs for Community Day at the University of Alaska Southeast
 JAMM also gave Glacier Valley its first opportunity to participate in Juneau Jazz & Classics' Community Day.  This free all-day event held on the campus of the University of Alaska Southeast offers food, educational programs and musical performances.  Our kindergartners and 4th & 5th grade Morning Musicians performed in the beautiful Egan Library, which made our students' first visit to this college campus a welcoming one.  Again, we had an amazing turn-out by Glacier Valley families whom stayed after the concert to enjoy the rest of the festivities with their kids.

Here's a short clip of them playing E String Concerto and Variations on Boil Them Cabbage Down.

Thank you, Juneau Jazz & Classics, for bringing the community into the school and the school into the community.  Happy 25th Birthday!

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