Sunday, May 15, 2011

HeArt & Sole Ballroom Program Highlighted in DC

 While traveling to Washington, DC, for the National Teacher of the Year event, I had the opportunity to meet with folks from the US Department of Education.  They wanted to hear from teachers about how best to engage students, families, community and strengthen professional development for teachers.

I was excited to share Glacier Valley's HeART & Sole Ballroom program, where P.E. and music teachers collaborate with librarian and counselor to offer all 3rd through 5th grade students two sessions/week of ballroom dancing under the leadership of Pat Belec, Juneau dance instructor.  This 8-week residency culminates in a performance of all 200 students who showcase their moves for the community and school.  Dance steps include meringe, swing, tango, fox trot and electric slide.   Twenty-four of them are selected through an audition process to perform two weeks later for the Juneau Douglas High School Dance Team Show. 

Here's the link to the US Department of Education's blog posting of our program:  Waltzing Students to Fitness, Health and Rhythm.

If you'd like to see them in action, the video of their performance, earning a standing ovation, is posted above.

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